2016-22-8-13-40-53xxxxxxxxxoneloveWelcome to One Love Healing.

Hi, my name is Sunny Angel, I struggled a lot until I found a magical way to cope and see life through a new perspective – Reiki! I’m now a Grandmaster after years of studying and experience. I know Life can get busy and we all have bills to pay…


I am offering help and guidance for FREE..in exchange for paying Kindness forward to 3. (3 people, 3 Animals…3 beings)

Every Soul matters, everyone counts. You can make a BIG difference with kindness. Always help someone – you might be the only one who does.


In order for the student to become a Practitioner of Reiki and start charging others – they would have to learn Reiki 2 (2nd Degree) and pay full fees elsewhere – I have Friends which I recommend on my page.


Manuals and attunements will be given upon trust – please don’t abuse this.


I’m currently writing my book to inspire others – it can be found on www.sunny-angel.com.

All the best – Love and blessings Sunny Angel x’


Onelove-healing – Kindness pay it forward







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